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Throwback Thursday: Iconic BMW E9 CSL 'Batmobile'

This legendary BMW deserves a place in everyone's dream garage

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BMW_30_CSL_1973_orange_vr_TCE We have a very special BMW to celebrate for this week's Throwback Thursday: the legendary CSL. Based on the gorgeous 'E9', the Coupe Sport Leicht was a homologation special built to allow BMW to go racing with the model. To keep the weight down, much of the luxury equipment was done away with, while the bonnet boot and doors were made from aluminium.
The legendary 'Batmobile' racing CSL The legendary 'Batmobile' racing CSL
The diet was so drastic, BMW even used a thinner grade of steel on the rest of the car. The car used a 3.0-litre straight-six which was borrowed from the 3.0CS, which chucked out 200bhp. In the lightweight CSL, that's enough for 0-60mph in 6.9 seconds, and a top speed of 137. Even by today's standards, those are decent figures.
This racing CSL became the first BMW 'Art Car' in 1975 This racing CSL became the first BMW 'Art Car' in 1975
The motorsport version made for one hell of a racecar. It enjoyed a spectacular and long motorsport career from 1969 to 1978, winning, among other things, five European Touring Car titles. Road-going versions came with a giant rear wing, but that did create a bit of an issue. The problem was that these massive spoilers were illegal in some countries, so BMW had to sell the cars with the spoiler stowed in the boot, leaving assembly up to the owner... 1280px-BMW_3.0_CSL_(8208571665) The outrageous full aero package gave the racing CSL a very distinctive look, earning the car the nickname 'Batmobile'. It remains one of the most iconic BMWs ever made, and we want one! Sadly that iconic status has a dramatic effect on used values. This one for sale at 4Star Classics is a cool £40,495. For now, we'll just have to be content leaving the CSL in our dream garage...