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Three Brand New LFAs Were Sold By Lexus In 2019

Despite going out of production in 2012, three new examples of the LFA were sold in the USA last year, and there's still a handful of unregistered cars remaining

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Lexus - Three Brand New LFAs Were Sold By Lexus In 2019 - News

We really didn’t expect our first car sales news piece in 2020 to concern the Lexus LFA, yet here we are. It turns out that in 2019, the lauded V10 supercar’s sales increased by a whopping 50 per cent.

The number of brand new LFAs sold in the USA rocketed from, erm, two to three. But still, that’s impressive for a car that went out of production way back in 2012. All were un-registered examples of the original run of 500, reported in 2017 to stand at 12 units Stateside. As anyone with a keen grasp of mathematics should now gather, that does mean there are still a few factory-fresh LFAs kicking around.

Lexus - Three Brand New LFAs Were Sold By Lexus In 2019 - News

Speaking to Road and Track, a Toyota and Lexus spokesman said, “These are older models that have been in dealerships, some are on display and some are held for dealer’s personal collections, etc…those dealers updated their records which changed the car’s status from dealer-owned to personal, which technically triggers a sale on the Lexus records.”

The cars in question could have been used for display purposes or held back for investment potential. The remaining unregistered population of LFAs could well leave dealerships in the next year or two.

If you had the cash, would you have one over a more modern supercar?