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This Super-Friendly Cop Fist-Bumps A Wheelying Biker

While driving alongside a biker pulling a huge wheelie through the city of St Louis, Missouri, this cop decides not to arrest the guy... and fist-bumps his shoe instead

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It’s not every day that you get to see a police officer fist-bumping the outstretched foot of a guy doing dangerous motorcycle stunts on a public road, but that’s exactly what we can bring you today.

This footage, which was filmed in St Louis, Missouri, from another biker’s helmet camera, opens when the biker is already mid-wheelie. Credit where it’s due, it looks like he’s done it before.

This Super-Friendly Cop Fist-Bumps A Wheelying Biker - Bikes

Amazingly, it’s the cop driving the Chevrolet Tahoe patrol car who makes the first friendly move, stretching out his left arm, which the biker then tries to nudge with his outstretched leg while still holding the wheelie.

We always like to see gestures of common sense goodwill from the police, but even we’d have to admit that this cop probably should have pulled the biker over rather than made fast friends with him. The patrol car – and the driver – are easy enough for the St Louis PD to identify, so news that the force is running an ‘internal investigation’ probably means a telling-off is incoming.

Source: Jalopnik