This 'McLaren F1' Hill Climb Car Is Powered By A 9500rpm-Capable 4G63

This unusual machine combines a prototype racer frame with a Mitusbishi engine and a McLaren F1-like body

Remind me later

Although this may bear a passing resemblance to a McLaren F1, it’s about as far away from the seminal supercar as is possible. The F1-like ‘Grullon’ shell is the work of Florida-based DDR Motorsport, which clothes the tubular frame of a prototype racer from French company Norma Auto. Providing propulsion is a Mitusbishi engine, of all things.

Specifically, it’s a 4G63, de-stroked to 1.7 litres and capable of hitting 9500rpm. The not-F1 is good for around 600bhp and weighs a little over 700kg. Power goes to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential racing gearbox.

Like we said - it’s rather far from the ethos of a real F1. It does, however, have a central driving position!