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This Lexus LC500 Vs LFA Comparison's Only Purpose Is Making Glorious Noise

The LFA legend was a totally different kind of car in both purpose and execution to today's LC500 sports car, but both make stupendously good noises so why not bring them together?

Remind me later

Do you lie in bed every night, restlessly asking yourself the question of how the Lexus LC500 compares to the legendary LFA? No, we don’t, either, but it seems that the guys at CarAdvice in Australia thought otherwise.

The net result is a nine-minute video paying homage first to the noise and focus of the LFA, then the craftsmanship and all-round V8 sports car appeal of the LC and its charismatic warble. We wouldn’t be too upset if either appeared on our doorsteps, frankly, but the presenters find some good points of comparison.

Grab a cuppa, sit back and put your headphones on. You’ll want to be able to hear this one.