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This Is What A 220PSI Tyre Explosion Looks Like

A YouTuber filmed a pair of huge tyre explosions, brought on by pumping in 220psi from a carbon dioxide tank

Remind me later

With a bunch of old, decrepit tyres at his disposal, this YouTuber decided it might be nice to give a pair of them an explosive send off.

First pumping in 200psi of air in one tyre to no effect - before moving from an enclosed garage to open woodland (wise choice) - he then hooked up a carbon dioxide tank capable of pumping in 360psi to see what the old boots could handle. 220psi was the answer, with the tyres sending out a massive, gunshot-like bang as it ruptured.

A second tyre received the same treatment, which resulted in it shooting into the air as it exploded.

Via Car Buzz