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This Guy Put A GoPro Inside His Tyre

YouTube channel Warped Perception put a GoPro and a light inside the tyre of a Mercedes E55 AMG

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When admiring your parked-up car, the tyres will probably seem pretty solid. There’s a lot of stiffness in the sidewall of modern rubber, but make no mistake - when in motion and holding up a tonne or two of car, there’s a lot of flex going on.

Slow-motion motorsport footage provides a great look at just how much tyres shift around under load, but going one step further, YouTube channel Warped Perception decided to put a camera inside the (nearly bald, it must be said) hoop of a Mercedes E55 AMG.

This Guy Put A GoPro Inside His Tyre - DIY

Mounted on the rim was a GoPro Hero 7, a light, and an external battery pack. The profile of the tyre was just about tall enough to accommodate the camera, with the resulting footage giving a rarely seen view of what your boots are up to on the move.