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This Guy Gave That Sinkhole A Mercedes, Sinkholes Love Mercedes

When a Mercedes C-class driver crashed into a fire hydrant, the resulting sinkhole swallowed his car whole

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VAt8nXm Following snowfall and treacherous conditions in Georgia, USA, the owner of a Mercedes C-class lost control on ice, which resulted in an unfortunate turn of events. YlVStZ0 According to reports on Reddit (so take it with a pinch of salt) the young driver says he was travelling at around 10mph when he skidded off the road. FyXHSFu After jumping the kerb, he wiped out a fire hydrant, which opened up a huge sinkhole in the pavement. As the water flowed, the ground underneath crumbled... xs8BJuj Interestingly, multiple Reddit users took photos of the car's sinkhole descent, meaning we get to see these incredible before and after pics. Poor C-class; we can think of a few other cars we'd have rather seen swallowed whole... w5jQvU9