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This Frustratingly Avoidable Car Meet Crash Totals A Camaro

Although we all know it's more usually Mustangs doing the crashing at car meets, this time a Chevrolet Camaro and a Kia Cee'd have a bit of a tiff

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Video: YouTube/Cars of England

What if we told you that you didn’t absolutely have to leave car meets at full throttle? What if we told you there were other throttle positions as well as ‘hard down’? Of course, most of you would look at us like we we’d been smoking something unhealthy, because you know this already.

It seems that not everyone does, though. Despite all the Mustang vs crowd battles, and all the online coverage of people getting it dangerously wrong when leaving car meets, it still happens. Here, a meet in the English north-western town of Clitheroe ends with double-facepalms and an ambulance when a Camaro causes a huge crash.

This Frustratingly Avoidable Car Meet Crash Totals A Camaro - News

The driver hoofs the accelerator away from the meet, despite plenty of pedestrians, parked cars an oncoming traffic around him. He clearly doesn’t see the Kia Cee’d pulling across to turn into a junction until it’s too late, attempting to dodge but smashing into the side of it, then pinballing hard into parked cars.

It does look a bit like the Kia was making the turn a bit casually, and clearly panic-braked, blocking the lane, but there’s no question that if the Camaro had been travelling slower there’d have been no accident. The post-collision damage footage is nasty, although we understand no one was seriously hurt.