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This 'Flying Car' Test Flight Went Badly Wrong, And Fast

When a husband and wife tried to test a flying car somewhere in the US, the car failed to clear the first building and smashed straight into it, causing serious injuries

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Flying cars: we know they’re pretty much pie in the sky (pun totally intended). National security depends partly on people not being able to load small vehicles with explosives and fly them into crowded areas or into buildings. It’s just a bad idea, full stop.

That isn’t stopping people trying. Even so, when it goes as badly as this, the arguments against the concept just keep stacking up. This ‘Light Sport NI43RS Skyrunner’ was being tested by a husband and wife team when it failed to gain enough altitude to clear a building right ahead of the launch site and smashed into it – hard.

It’s not clear whether it was pilot error or a mechanical fault that caused the nasty-looking impact. Thankfully both the passengers survived, but judging by the damage to the $139,000-plus buggy, they’re damned lucky. We wish them a speedy recovery.

Other flying car projects we’ve seen have included the PAL-V Liberty, Toyota’s odd super-drone and these flying nightmares.

Source: Reddit