This Crashed McLaren F1 Could Cost Over £1m To Fix

While in a convoy of McLarens, this F1 driver crashed his supercar into a ditch. Thankfully, fellow F1 owner (and former F1 crasher) Rowan Atkinson was on hand to help tidy up

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As far as wrecked exotics go, this is about as bad as it gets. As you can see, a McLaren F1 has ended up on its roof against a tree and now looks particularly sorry for itself. The cause of the accident - which occurred between Saline di Volterra and Pomarance on Tuesday - is not yet known, although speed is a likely factor.

Mclaren - This Crashed McLaren F1 Could Cost Over £1m To Fix - Supercars and Hypercars

The striken car - chassis number 72 - was driving in a group of McLarens, which were taking part in a tour of Italy. Fortunately, the driver and passenger are thought to have escaped serious injury.

Also in the group was actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson, who knows a thing or two about crashing McLaren F1s. He’s had two accidents in his own F1, one in 1999 and another in 2011.

To give you an idea of how much it’ll probably cost to repair this wreckage, Atkinson’s 2011 accident left him with an eye-watering £910,000 bill. It was - and probably still is - the highest single-car repair bill ever recorded in the UK.

You can see a video of this week’s stricken F1 being recovered below.