This Cars Rip-Off Will Make You Question Everything

'Spid The Racing Car' is quite clearly a rip-off of Pixar's Cars franchise, and it's made by someone with questionable knowledge about motors...

Remind me later

These days, nothing is immune from being ripped off - even films. All sorts of shoddy, just-about-safe-from-the-copyright-lawyers knock-offs exist, and they’re often hilarious. Case in point? Spid the Racing Car.

Spotted by a CT colleague searching for information about Pixar’s Cars - the franchise it’s, err, riffing off - Spid the Racing Car looks to be an adorably cheap attempt to emulate Lightning McQueen. Made by someone who knows squat about cars.

Is that a wine glass holding up the track?
Is that a wine glass holding up the track?

Watching this for the first time brings up so many questions. Like why does Sid struggle to keep up with a bulldozer? Why does he have a V-twin, and a V-twin which sounds like a V8 at that? What in the hell is a ‘turbo button’? And how can new wheels “grip the road better”?

Perhaps I’m over-thinking this, but kids TV shows are supposed to be educational. But it hit me earlier: this is educational. If you have a child, a neice/nephew, little brother or sister, sit them down to watch this, give them a note pad, and get them to write down everything that’s wrong. Their future depends on it…