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This Awesome New TCR-Spec Honda Civic Will Hit Race Tracks Next Year

With TCR racing growing in popularity for its relative affordability, close racing and equally tangible links to showroom products, JAS Motorsport has developed a new contender from the latest Honda Civic Type R

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Honda - This Awesome New TCR-Spec Honda Civic Will Hit Race Tracks Next Year - News

Check out this awesome-looking TCR-spec Honda Civic Type R that just became a reality. JAS Motorsport is building it for customers contesting the increasingly competitive race series based heavily on cars you can actually buy.

JAS, which won the World Touring Car Championship with a Civic in 2013, made the announcement on its Twitter feed this morning. While we don’t have any confirmed specs, you can bet it will conform to the limits allowed in the series: 330bhp, 300lb ft of torque and 1250kg – if it maintains the standard gearbox. Teams can spec a TCR-approved sequential if they like, but pay a 35kg ballast penalty.

The brakes, tyres and suspension can be changed within the rules, but interestingly the suspension layout can’t. The new Civic Type R runs on independent bouncy bits at each corner, potentially giving it a yard on the competition.

JAS’ aero modifications look spectacular on the Civic, and they do say that a good-looking car is a fast car. We’d expect TCR racers to be keen on finding out more. There are comparable race series all over the world, and there are reportedly 19 other car models that have been adapted for the purpose, including the Golf we drove recently and a Seat Leon Cupra. Customer deliveries will start in December to guarantee a good head-start before next year’s race calendars start.