Matt Robinson profile picture Matt Robinson 4 years ago

This Audi RS4 Vs Porsche 911 GTS Drag Race Is Unbelievably Close

This drag race from Car Wow pits a fast estate against a two-door sports car, yielding an exceptionally close result

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While initially looking like an odd pairing, the presence of an Audi RS4 and a Porsche 911 GTS on one drag strip makes more sense than you might think. Both are powered by six-cylinder engines producing 444bhp, and each has an automatic gearbox, albeit with the Porsche using a dual-clutch transmission and the Audi opting for a more traditional torque converter-based unit.

The 911 has a substantial weight advantage over the much bulkier RS4, but on the other hand, the latter car has all-wheel drive. Since we’re looking at a rear-wheel drive GTS here (an all-wheel drive version is available) which might not get off the line so well, this has the makings of a very evenly-matched battle.

Sure enough, the standing-start race is extremely close. We don’t want to spoil the ending, so hit the play button to see which comes out on top!