The Toyota AE86 Festival Is The Ultimate Hachiroku Fan's Pilgrimage

This overview of the AE86 Matsuri from Noriyaro shows a festival full of all kinds of Hachiroku

Remind me later

If you’re really, really into the Toyota AE86, there’s one event you simply must go to: the ‘AE86 Matsuri’ (AE86 festival). Held at Tsukuba Circuit in the Kantō region of Japan since 2009, we doubt there’s anywhere else you’d find so many AE86s in one spot, nor quite such a variety.

As shown in this video from Noriyaro, there are drift cars, grip cars, bone stock cars and car that are, well…just a bit mad.

There’s plenty of on-track action for people to enjoy, and it seems everyone Alexi encounters is almost disarmingly friendly.

We need to get ourselves over to Tsukuba for the next one…