Darren Cassey 4 years ago 0

The Saleen Tesla Model S Will Be A Brutal Game-Changing EV

As if Tesla's own M5-baiting Model S wasn't quick enough, Saleen is set to work its magic to make this one seriously quick electric vehicle

Remind me later
Tesla_front_rendering When Saleen announced that it was working on the Tesla Model S, the internet responded with intrigue. With electric vehicles still relatively new to the automotive world, we've not really seen a modifying culture emerge, so Saleen's efforts are being watched closely. Tesla_rear_rendering These first renderings have just been unveiled, and it certainly looks the part. There are lashings of carbonfibre and subtle aero tweaks, as well as some massive 'Saleen Signature Wheels' that house ceramic brakes. callout We can't wait to find out just how quick this thing will be. Saleen is keeping performance enhancements quiet for now, building hype to a summer reveal. Expect more batteries that are bigger and more powerful than the current model, as well as suspension and chassis upgrades. interior (1) Given the fact that the top of the range P85 Model S is already quicker than a C7 Stingray, we're rather excited to see what Saleen can do.