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The Prior Design McLaren 720S Says "765LT Who?"

If McLaren's new 765LT is giving you and your 720S an inferiority complex, you might consider calling Prior Design

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Mclaren - The Prior Design McLaren 720S Says "765LT Who?" - Tuning

Worried that the arrival of McLaren’s new 765LT makes your 720S look a little ordinary? Worry not, as the aftermarket - predictably - has an answer.

We’ve seen a few lurid body kits for the 720S emerge since the standard car’s launch a few years ago, and now there’s a new one from Prior Design. Wide, isn’t it?

Mclaren - The Prior Design McLaren 720S Says "765LT Who?" - Tuning

The kit includes swollen arches front and rear, a new vented frunk lid, a rear diffuser and a gigantic fixed rear wing. Interestingly, the latter element sits on top of the standard 720S active rear spoiler, which - for obvious reasons - will surely need switching off post-conversion.

Only 10 examples of the kit will be made, with a price available “on request”. The whole shebang is made from carbon fibre, so it isn’t going to be cheap. If you fancy spending even more, there are various wheel options, a bespoke interior service, and a Prior Design exhaust system all available.

Mclaren - The Prior Design McLaren 720S Says "765LT Who?" - Tuning

Power from the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 remains unchanged, although no one normal has ever questioned the 710bhp standard output of the 720S. In any case, it’s not difficult to get some extra thrust if you want it - Novitec, for instance, can boost the 720S to nearly 800bhp by merely plugging a tuning box in.

What do you think of the Prior Design 720S?