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The Porsche 919 Is At The 'Ring And May Be Gunning For Bellof's Lap

Porsche has been testing its 919 Evo at the Nordschleife, so is the outright record about to be smashed?

Remind me later

We couldn’t help but be a little disappointed when the Porsche 919 Evo’s trip to the Nurburgring turned out to be nothing more than a photocall with the legendary 956 C. Sure, the pictures were awesome, but we all want to see this monster go around the Nordschleife at full chat, don’t we?

However, the former LMP1 racing car - now free from the shackles of WEC regulations to annihilate track records worldwide - is back at the Green Hell, and as you can see from the footage below, it’s going rather a lot quicker.

This surely means that Porsche wants to have a pop at the outright Nurburgring lap record, a 6:11.13 set by the late Stefan Bellof in a 956 C way back in 1983. Yep, a Group C car from 35 years ago with just over 600bhp. The 919 Evo on the other hand makes over 1200bhp - nearly 250 more than it did in LMP1 spec, and its new aero package gives a 53 per cent increase in downforce.

With that in mind, we can see the 919 eclipsing the Bellof lap, and also dipping well below the six minute mark.

Just imagine how the onboard footage will look!