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The Next BMW M5 Will Look Something Like This

As anticipated, it hasn't taken long for people to start rendering the new 5-series as a hot M5. Here's one interpretation from X-Tomi Design

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BMW - The Next BMW M5 Will Look Something Like This - News

That didn’t take long, did it? Just over 12 hours after BMW pulled the virtual wraps off its new 5-series, and the saloon has already been rendered in M5 form.

This particular piece of work comes from Hungarian renderer X-Tomi Design, and while the car’s perhaps sitting a little too low, we reckon it’s about on the money.

The next M5 is of particular interest for two reasons. Firstly, it’ll be available with optional four-wheel drive for the first time (expect the vast majority of buyers to spec that), and secondly, it should be outrageously fast.

You see, the incoming ‘G30’ M550i xDrive will do 0-62mph in an astonishing four seconds dead, which is two tenths faster than the current M5 Competition Pack. That’ll be down to the 100kg drop in weight the G30 enjoys, plus the helping hand of all-wheel drive traction off the line. So, factor in the 600bhp+ output expected from the next M5’s 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8, and we’ll have a car that’s more than capable of giving the Mercedes-AMG E63 and Audi RS6 some serious gyp.