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The New Toyota 'Supra' May End Up With A Different Name

Don't take it as a given that Toyota's new sports car will revive the 'Supra' title - it's just one of several names under consideration

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Toyota - The New Toyota 'Supra' May End Up With A Different Name - News

We’ve gotten to the point where pretty much everyone - from car fans to automotive publications - have just resorted to calling Toyota’s incoming new sports car ‘Supra’. But here’s the thing: it’s still not official, and Toyota may yet go in another direction.

Speaking to Auto Guide at the LA Auto Show, Jack Hollis, boss of Toyota North America division, said, “Yes, we have other ideas, and yes, the Supra name is in consideration.” He went on to say, “The name decision will not be made until next year as well. There are some other candidates for some other reasons that are really pretty strong.”

The wishes of the Internet’s car fans certainly haven’t escaped Toyota, though. “In today’s world of social media [we] let it go where it goes because that may even help to direct the final answer,” Hollis said. He also referred to the ‘Supra’ badge as a “leading candidate.”

The name is just one detail surrounding the car - part of a joint venture that’ll also spawn the next BMW Z4 - that remains unknown. We’re still not entirely sure when it’ll be revealed to the world (rumours had incorrectly pointed toward October’s Tokyo Motor Show), whether or not it’ll have a manual option, and exactly what kind of engines will be used.

Do you think Toyota should revive the Supra name, or go with something else?