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The New Honda Accord Looks Like An NSX And That's No Bad Thing

We've only got this teaser to go off, but the new US-spec Accord should be the best looking and driving one ever

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Honda - The New Honda Accord Looks Like An NSX And That's No Bad Thing - News

If you live in North America, you’ll soon be seeing the new Honda Accord on the streets, and it’ll probably look something like this teaser image. You’ll note that it looks quite NSX-y, which can only be a good thing. It’s the most dramatically-styled Accord to date according to Honda, and will have loads of presence with its low bonnet and swooping lines.

Honda also says that it’ll be the most premium and fun-to-drive Honda saloon/sedan ever, which is probably needed if the Accord is to stay as the highest-selling mid-size sedan in the US. Here’s a cool stat: more than 13 million Accords have found homes in the States since its introduction in 1976.

Details will be few and far between until its release on July 14, but there will be a choice of a CVT gearbox, 6-speed manual and a 10-speed auto. That might sound like a lot of ratios, but Honda is also supposedly working on an 11-speed ‘box.

A hybrid version of the Accord is also in the pipeline if you find a Toyota Prius is too, well, Priusy.