Alex Kersten 10 years ago

The Most Reckless And Addictive BMW M5 City Hoon Video Ever

Forget Ken Block. This crazy M5 owner really owns the streets...

Remind me later
It seems the further east you venture, the more mad the driver you'll encounter. Take Russia; they shoot people in the street, walk off massive truck crashes like bosses and capture all that's cool and dangerous on a dash-cam. Check out Part II of this crazy video here. Follow the eastern trail and head south, however, and you'll find motorists with mad driving skills, and balls the size of watermelons. Check out this crazy video of a Georgian BMW E34 M5 driver who drifts, races and dives through crowded traffic and petrified pedestrians. While we think he's a massive dick for endangering hundreds of lives, we'd still like to shake his hand and go for a ride. Perhaps after we get a roll cage like this fitted, however... Image courtesy of Car memes. Check out Part II of this crazy video here.

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