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The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Will Cost €335,000

The first Black Series model for seven years will sell for high-end supercar money in native Germany, and we're expecting it to be much the same in the UK

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The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Will Cost €335,000 - News

With a new flat-plane crank V8, sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2Rs and a carbon fibre active rear wing of epic proportions, Mercedes-AMG has - in track car terms - thrown the kitchen sink at the new GT Black Series. The only trouble is, that kind of clobber comes at quite a cost.

With the AMG GT R Pro already hovering around £190,000, a wallet-busting price tag for the first new Black Series in seven years was all but assured. And although we don’t have UK prices just yet, it’s been revealed that the Black will be €335,240 in Germany. Gulp.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Will Cost €335,000 - News

In Sterling, that’s £305,101. Lamborghini Aventador money, in other words, and around triple the price of a base AMG GT. While we can’t guarantee it’ll be that much on these shores, it’s worth pointing out the AMG GT C Roadster - the only non-Black Series GT showing on the German configurator - is roughly the same in the two countries, give or take a few thousand Euros/quid.

To put this in some kind of historical context, meanwhile, the SLS Black Series - this car’s predecessor - was £230,000. Adjust that for inflation, and you get a figure of £265,500. Quite a bit cheaper, but still punchy pricing.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Will Cost €335,000 - News

Along with the stuff mentioned further up, the AMG GT Black Series also gets bigger intercoolers, a vented carbon fibre bonnet, louvred wheel arches and a carbon front strut brace. The front end is modelled on that of the AMG GT3 and features an adjustable front splitter. Made from - you guessed it - carbon fibre.

Does all that justify the high price of entry? We’ll let you debate that one.