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The 'Max-Out' Is Nissan's Electric Sports Car For The Future

While announcing plans to spend 2 trillion yen on electrification over the next five years, Nissan has revealed a quartet of EV concepts that look to the future

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The 'Max-Out' Is Nissan's Electric Sports Car For The Future - News

While we’re all busy wondering when the ‘R36’ GT-R might arrive, Nissan has offered a glimpse of how its sports cars might shape up far beyond that. What you’re looking at is the ‘Max-Out’, a handsome all-electric roadster concept.

Nissan says it “aims to deliver a new driving experience with its superlative stability and comfort,” offering “limited body roll” and “a feeling of oneness with the car”. And, erm, that’s all we get for now.

The 'Max-Out' Is Nissan's Electric Sports Car For The Future - News

You see, the Max-Out and the other three concepts Nissan just revealed (we’ll get to those shortly) are mere side dishes to the PR main course, which involves a plan to splurge 2 trillion yen (£13.2 billion) on electrification plans over the next five years.

In a press release that mentions “mobility” - the automotive buzzword of the 2020s - no less than 13 times, the Japanese manufacturer has promised to launch 23 new electrified models in the next eight years, 15 of them fully electric. By the 2030 fiscal year, the aim is to have a 50 per cent electrified range.

The 'Max-Out' Is Nissan's Electric Sports Car For The Future - News

Nissan also wants to make batteries both cheaper and greener. By 2028 it’ll introduce cobalt-free lithium-ion battery tech, and bring the cost of production down by a whopping 65 per cent. The same year, the company will launch an EV powered by proprietary solid-state batteries.

Enough business stuff - let’s get back to the fun concepts. Alongside the Max-Out, we have the ‘Surf-Out’ (sorry, the names don’t get any better), a pick-up truck with a low, flat cargo space for all kinds of hashtaglifestyle uses. The car is said to “provide a smooth ride regardless of the terrain, enabling customers to go anywhere,” although as with the Max-Out, Nissan has declined to give any kind of technical information.

The 'Max-Out' Is Nissan's Electric Sports Car For The Future - News

The Chill-Out looks an awful lot like a future Leaf, a car reportedly in line for a crossover transformation. It sits on the CMF-EV architecture also used for the Nissan Ariya. Inside, there’s a retractable steering wheel, allowing for both front-seat passengers to stretch out and relax.

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Finally, there’s the Hang-Out, a boxy MPV with ‘suicide’ rear-hinged rear doors and a theatre-inspired seating layout. “It offers space in which you can fully focus on what you want to do while on the move,” Nissan says.