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The Manual-Converted 991 GT3 RS Has Been Testing And It Sounds Glorious

With all the conversion's gremlins now apparently sorted, full-tilt testing has started for the 911 GT3 RS that was converted from PDK twin-clutch to good old-fashioned manual - and it looks like it was worth it

Remind me later

Remember the Porsche 911 GT3 RS that American owner Rob Janev paid to have converted with a manual gearbox? Well, the fruits of John Tecce and BGB Motorsport’s labours on Janev’s behalf have made it into a YouTube test video that, dear CTzens, we’d like to share with you.

If you need to ask why, you’re on the wrong page. As possibly (probably) the only manual 991-era GT3 RS in the world, this is a news story in its own right, but to see it used in anger, if only briefly, is a sweet way to start your Saturday. That flat-six is a slice of heaven. The clutch action seems a bit jerky but for all we know that’s driver clumsiness rather than setup issues.

The gearbox is apparently taken from a 911 R, making it a fairly straightforward swap in terms of dimensions and fixings, but getting the RS’s factory electrics to accept the third pedal without spitting furious error codes was an engineering nightmare. Still, it all seems to be working now, so enjoy! We hope to see more of the controversial (but cool) conversion soon.