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The Long-Awaited Apollo Hypercar Is Nearing Production

After more than one missed deadline, the Apollo IE is inching towards a production run of just 10 cars in track-only trim

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You remember the Apollo Arrow, right? It’s the car that was born from the ruin of what was Gumpert – the company that made the staggeringly quick Apollo you may have seen on Top Gear many, many moons ago.

The firm was rescued after its collapse by investors in Hong Kong, and work began on salvaging what they could in order to make something new and ultra-exclusive. The Apollo Arrow concept debuted at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, at which point we thought the real thing was fairly imminent. Not so, as it turned out.

The Long-Awaited Apollo Hypercar Is Nearing Production - News

While the concept had a twin-turbo Audi V8, behind the scenes the track-only IE hypercar is rumoured to be cooking a normally-aspirated V12. It wasn’t ready for the company’s planned Goodwood Festival of Speed deadline, but this is apparently one development of the car we saw at Geneva. A road car will follow, which is handy because the track versions will only be available for use at Apollo’s own Europe-wide time attack race series. Owners won’t have access to them for local track days, which, like Ferrari’s XX programme, is a bit stingy to say the least.

Apollo has wisely outsourced the technical engineering of the car to Manifattura Automobili Torino; a company that has created some of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus’ fastest machines, including the lap record-chasing SGC003.

The Long-Awaited Apollo Hypercar Is Nearing Production - News

Sadly we don’t know any performance stats for the car, yet, but it’s going to be very fast. A select group of hyper-rich car collectors will be the first to see it and hear the official figures, but we’ll do our best to bring you the full facts when we can.

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