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The Lexus RC-F Is A 450bhp Two Finger Salute To The BMW M4

The RC-F coupe looks great and will pack a powerful V8 punch. Still want that M4?

Remind me later
Lexus RC-F 1 Ahead of its January 14th debut at the Detroit Auto Show, Lexus has released pictures and details of its tasty RC-F coupe. As expected, it'll have a 5.0-litre V8 under the bonnet, which Lexus says will deliver 'well in excess of 450bhp.' 2013.12.10 LPMPD As the standard RC coupe already looks pretty extreme, Lexus hasn't gone mad with changes to the outside of the F, but what they have done works. The first thing you notice is that big 'spindle' grille, which is now dominated by one giant honeycomb insert. 2013.12.10 LPMPD The intakes to the side of the grille are bigger and also get a touch of honeycomb. A diagonal gill is slashed into each side behind the front wheels, and the back gets a diffuser with two exhaust tail pipes vertically stacked either side. The latter are probably dummies though, given that the same arrangement used on the IS-F was fake. Lexus RC-F 4 Inside, the dashboard is dominated by a big, central dial, the display of which will adapt depending on which of the RC-F's four driving modes you're in. The big question is, can this angular coupe give the likes of the BMW M4 something to worry about?