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The Latest Challenger SRT Demon Teaser Is Here And It Sounds Awesome

It's time for another Dodge teaser but this time we hear its 700bhp+ V8 in full song

Remind me later

The seemingly endless string of Challenger SRT Demon teaser videos has been extended through the latest snippet from the guys at Dodge. Featuring the Demon on a drag strip, the footage gives us all an insight into exactly how the muscle car will sound when it’s released in April this year.

The clues concerning the latest iteration of Challenger have been very cryptic but increases in power, torque, new driving modes, beefed up components and larger rubber should make for one hell of a package. And from this latest video, the car will have the soundtrack to back up the hype.

All of this build-up will finally culminate in the car’s launch at the New York Auto Show on the 11th of April.