The Lamborghini Countach's Ridiculous Horn Is One Of Many Things To Hate About It

Doug DeMuro gets all misty-eyed over the definitive 1980s supercar poster child: the Lamborghini Countach, despite a rubbish horn, stupid door locks and windows that barely open at all

Remind me later

When a supercar’s clutch pedal is a gym workout on its own, its drivetrain is enough to kill you before you even realise you’ve left the road and its visibility is so bad that you practically have to drive by pure power of manliness, the last thing you want is a pathetic, weedy horn blast.

Sadly, as serial used car waffler Doug DeMuro points out, the Lamborghini Countach has exactly that. It’s not the only thing wrong with the classic supercar, either, as this video explores…