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The First Project Cars 3 Trailer Is Here And Reception Is Mixed

Slightly Mad Studios has released a trailer and preliminary details for the third instalment in its Project Cars series

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The underdog of the racing game world is gearing up for a new instalment. Slightly Mad Studios - acquired by Codemasters last year - has posted a trailer plus some early details for Project Cars 3, set to release this summer.

In a departure from previous instalments, PC3 will have a credits system which will allow users to earn virtual cash to buy. There’ll be 200 to choose from, a slight increase on the 182 offered last time around. For the first time in the series, you’ll be able to modify them with “realistic performance parts” and create custom liveries. This, we hope, will be in addition to the extensive car setup changes Project Cars 2 allowed.

The First Project Cars 3 Trailer Is Here And Reception Is Mixed - Gaming

One of the best things about PC2, we’d argue, is the career mode. It’s intended to replicate a real-life climbing of the motorsport ladder, and you can even start in karts if you fancied. Ditching it for a more familiar Forza-style credits setup is a curious move, and will likely fuel worries from gamers that the series’ focus has been diluted to offer a more arcade-like experience.

The reveal trailer and gameplay footage videos have a whole bunch of dislikes and hundreds of negative comments about the series’ apparent direction. However, responding to the concerns of someone on Twitter about PC3 shaping up to be an “arcade sim,” Slightly Mad CEO Ian Bell said, “It isn’t. Same base physics [as Project Cars 2] upgraded, and consolidated.”

The game will feature 140 tracks, which - assuming that number counts different layouts of the same facility - matches the number offered in Project Cars 2, which covers 60 locations. There’ll be a new tyre model, and as before, a game engine which can simulate a 24-hour cycle, all seasons and multiple weather conditions.

The tyre wear model is new, the AI is said to be better, and - although not seen in the early beta footage - “intense crash effects”. Finally, for any PC gamers, there’ll be 12K VR support.

A firm release date for the game hasn’t been given, although we do know that along with the PC version, it’ll also be available for the Xbox One and Playstation 4.