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The First Dyson Car Won't Have Solid-State Batteries, But The Next Two Will

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson has clarified its plans to build a whole range of electric cars, with the first effectively being a trial run

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The First Dyson Car Won't Have Solid-State Batteries, But The Next Two Will - News

The British vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson won’t be building a solid-state battery-powered car within the next two years after all.

Sir James Dyson, the company founder, has apparently told the Financial Times that the first Dyson car will effectively be a trial run, for building relationships with suppliers and learning the ropes of how EVs actually need to work.

Apart from not filling us with the greatest amount of confidence in how well-resolved that first car will actually be, the statements also take a step back from the company’s initial intentions to introduce solid-state batteries, which can be lighter, more energy-dense and faster to charge.

However, the woman in charge of developing the batteries left Dyson in late 2017, says Autocar, which could be a key reason why the project has had to change course.

The Financial Times cites Dyson sources as saying that the first car, which will be expensive but won’t be a performance model, will be limited to a run of less than 10,000 cars. However, the brand is planning two more cars after the first, and those will use solid-state technology, the report claims.

Some £2 billion is being invested into Dyson automobiles, part of which comes from innovation-related funding from the British government. A team of 400 is working on making the plans a reality.

Source: Financial Times via Autocar