Alex Kersten 8 years ago 0

The Best Way To Stance A Ferrari FF Is By Backing A Huge Truck Onto It

Never, ever, double park a car behind a massive lorry. Especially when the Ferrari in question isn't even yours

Remind me later
fezza 1 These pics show the aftermath of a double-parked Ferrari FF, a Baldor Foods lorry and a New York side street. fezza 2 The accident occurred this week on New York's Columbus Avenue, when the food lorry backed straight into and onto the Ferrari FF, which had pulled up behind it. fezza 3 The driver of the lorry said he 'didn't see nothin,' which we're not surprised at, despite the large dimensions of the 650bhp FF. That the lorry driver didn't feel the impact, leaves us a little worried, however. As you can see, the FF's hood is toast and we'd be surprised if the suspension components were in tact. fezza 4 To add injury to insult, the £227k Ferrari FF was given a ticket for double parking. The lesson here? Don't double park. Especially behind big lorries. fezza 5