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The Aspark Owl Will Cost You €1 Million... For A Deposit

You'll need to lay down some serious cheddar just to reserve one of these Japanese electric hypercars

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The Aspark Owl Will Cost You €1 Million... For A Deposit - News

While the biggest stories of the Paris Motor Show were the mainstream manufacturer reveals - the likes of the new BMW 3-series and the Hyundai i30 N Fastback - we mustn’t forget about the smaller companies showcasing their wares at the expo Porte de Versailles.

Japanese company Aspark is one, and although the dubiously-named Owl is a car we’ve seen before, we’ve learned quite a bit more about it this week. Notably, the price. It’s €1 million. For a deposit.

Yep, a non-refundable seven-figure sum to secure one of 50 of these all-electric hypercars. The full price is an off-shore account-busting €3.1 million.

For that, you’re getting an extremely low-slung coupe with two electric motors providing a combined 1150bhp. Quite an output for a car weighing 850kg.

The power figure is a significant increase on the 429bhp previously claimed, explaining how the Aspark is able to hit 62mph in under two-seconds. And that’s not just a bold claim - the company proved it was possible with the acceleration run you see above, held earlier this year in rather confined conditions…

The Aspark Owl Will Cost You €1 Million... For A Deposit - News

The range has increased too, with Aspark now saying up to 186 miles should be possible on a single charge. Presumably when you’re not performing acceleration runs. The top speed, meanwhile, is 174mph.

The question is, would you have one of these or a Rimac C_Two?

Source: Bloomberg