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The 473bhp Ford Mustang Bullitt Is Yours From $47,495

Pricing for Ford's limited-edition Mustang has been leaked, making the car look like decent value for money

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Ford - The 473bhp Ford Mustang Bullitt Is Yours From $47,495 - News

Today, Ford announced that order books for the new Mustang Bullitt have opened. There was one thing missing from the release, though: the price.

Thankfully, users on the Mustang6G forum have gotten hold of pricing information for the new limited-edition ‘Stang. Ready? You’re looking at $47,495 including destination and delivery charges. In other words, over $10,000 more than the base GT.

But it’s better value than it might initially sound: it’s based on the GT Premium with the Performance Pack fitted, which is $44,085. For the $3500-ish increase, you’re getting styling inspired by that Mustang driven in the film Bullitt by Steve McQueen, a bigger rear anti-roll bar, a larger radiator, a GT350 intake manifold and 87mm throttle bodies, among other upgrades. The tweaked 5.0-litre V8 develops 475bhp, which will get the Bullitt Mustang to a top speed of 163mph - an 8mph increase over the GT.

Ford - The 473bhp Ford Mustang Bullitt Is Yours From $47,495 - News

A quick currency conversion shows that the US pricing works out at a very agreeable £33,780, but while the car is coming to the UK, we can expect it to be quite a bit more on these shores. The starting price for ‘our’ GT is £41,095, after all.