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The 2018 Ford Mustang Facelift Has Been Leaked And Not Everyone's Impressed

A b-roll video featuring the facelifted Mustang has surfaced online, but judging by the initial reaction, not everyone likes the changes

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Fancy an early look at the incoming Mustang facelift? You’re in luck, as the good folks over at have managed to get hold of a b-roll video featuring the refreshed sixth-gen pony in GT Performance Pack-spec.

The most prominent changes are at the front, where the Mustang has gained a new pair of headlights, plus a reshaped lower section with a new light and grille arrangement.

The rear hasn’t received quite as much attention, but the light clusters are new, and that wing certainly wasn’t there before. We’re assuming the latter comes as part of the Performance Pack, which is fitted as standard on European cars.

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Judging by the initial online reaction, not everyone’s keen on the 2018 car. The like-to-dislike ratio on the YouTube video is particularly savage, and it seems like most commenters on aren’t fans of the changes. As far as we’re concerned, the facelift does give the Mustang a slightly moodier look which we’re not so sure about.

Still, initial reaction to refreshes (the ones that actually make a noticeable difference, at least) often strays toward the negative side, so the Internet may yet warm to the 2018 Mustang.

What do you think of the facelifted Mustang?