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The 2018 911 GT2 RS Has Been Spied Testing At The Nürburgring And It Sounds Savage

Porsche has been testing its future widowmaker and it's going to make the Turbo S look slow

Remind me later

With the 997 GT2 RS now being a fully-fledged performance car legend, it seems Porsche is finally bringing the GT2 model back using the 991 chassis. Due to be twin-turbocharged and spitting out in the region of 650-700bhp, the flat-six GT2 RS should become the pinnacle of the Porsche range, save the 918 hypercar.

Add in a huge rear wing and a rear-wheel drive setup and the GT2 could be quite a handful in comparison to the four-wheel drive Turbo S that has a frankly tiny 572bhp. With speculations still swirling whether Weissach will bother with a manual shift in the new GT2 RS, it is fairly obvious from the footage that this test car has Porsche’s double-clutch PDK system.

Is a clutch and a gearstick really the right call when a car has around 700bhp? Comment below with your thoughts.