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The 1200bhp ‘White Snake’ Dodge Viper Just Became A Fireball

The 'White Snake' Dodge Viper had become a cult hero on the US drag strip circuit, regularly pulling 190mph-plus half-miles, but this snake just bit itself

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The well-known ‘White Snake’ Viper that could pull over 190mph on a half-mile drag course is in pieces after a nasty crash on a strip.

The V10 monster had a reputation for giving highly-tuned rivals a head-start but easily pulling them back in over the length of a course, thanks to over 1200bhp at the wheels and perfect gearing to make the most of it.

Despite being a manual, the cult hero could still top 160mph on the quarter-mile and had previously run a 9.83-second pass, according to that strip’s timing gear.

But, at an unnamed quarter-mile drag venue earlier this month, it finally broke something catastrophic. As it was chasing down another Viper that had been granted a lead away from the line, the engine threw a con-rod through the crankcase.

Con-rod number nine had had enough, and made its own exit
Con-rod number nine had had enough, and made its own exit

Escaping oil caught fire and the mixture sent the White Snake slipping and smashing – hard – into the concrete sidewalls of the strip, which did their job admirably. We’re glad to see that the driver walked away but the car… well, that’s too heavily damaged to repair.

Interestingly, the car’s builders report that every stock Viper rod failure they know of has been the ninth rod. Previously, the ‘White Snake’ Viper has eaten a stock gearbox.