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The 1000bhp GMC Hummer EV Is A Four-Tonne Fatty

GMC has confirmed the weight of the electric hummer as a whopping 9046 pounds, making it bulkier even than heavy-duty pick-ups

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Hummer - The 1000bhp GMC Hummer EV Is A Four-Tonne Fatty - News

The new GMC Hummer EV comes with a tremendous sense of irony attached. It purports to be all environmentally friendly, and yes, it will be greener than its petrol and diesel-chugging predecessors. But we are still talking about an enormous car that’ll take a lot of resources to build and gobble up an astonishing amount of electricity.

The reason for the latter is weight. To be capable of hitting 0-60mph in around three seconds while achieving a range of 350 miles, the Hummer needs a big battery and some serious motor power. Sure enough, it has a whopping double-stacked 200kWh battery pack under the floor and three motors in the two models at the top of the range. Now, we know how much all of that will weigh - 4103kg.

Hummer - The 1000bhp GMC Hummer EV Is A Four-Tonne Fatty - News

The news comes via, which posted various stats for the new Hummer, including a 9046-pound kerb weight figure. GMC has since told Autoblog that the figure is correct, meaning the Hummer is over 400kg heavier than the original H1.

It’s also a couple of hundred kilos heavier than the average heavy-duty pick-up, despite being quite a bit smaller. It will be, we’re fairly sure, the heaviest production electric car ever made, and one of the heaviest passenger cars of any kind.

Hummer - The 1000bhp GMC Hummer EV Is A Four-Tonne Fatty - News

By our very rough estimates, about a third of the overall weight figure will be taken up by the battery pack. To give some idea of how heavy that might be on its own, the 95kWh battery in an Audi E-Tron is about 700kg, while a Ford engineer this week revealed (when asked by President Biden, as it happens) that the F-150 Lightning EV pick-up’s pack will be around 1800lb, which is about 800kg. Its capacity will depend upon the energy density, but we can be fairly sure the battery will be significantly smaller than the Hummer’s.

The four-tonne weight figure applies to the $112,595 986bhp Edition 1 Hummer, it’s worth pointing out. That said, the EV3X should be similarly porky, since it has the same size battery and the same motor count.