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Talentless Impreza Driver Runs Wide And Flips His Car Upside Down

The only 4wd car in this race is the one that crashes. How ironic!

Remind me later
CSCS Crash What we have here is a clip from the season opener of the CSCS compact racing series in Canada. Ninenty per cent of the cars contending in this series are VTEC-powered Honda's, yo! but there's one car that's got the upper hand. So we thought... A four-wheel drive Subaru WRX should be able to get around corners with ease, but this video shows that cockiness always leads to disaster. CSCS Crash 2 The driver of this rallying legend takes the final corner too wide and manages to hit a bale of hay in front of the crash barrier. The car then gets airborne and flips onto its roof right in front of a crowd. CSCS Crash 3 Fortunately, the driver gets out of the car shaken, but not broken, while a woman hilariously attempts to run to the scene to help. Video