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Take An Up-Close Look At The Incoming BMW M2 CS

The hardcore version of the M2 has been caught on video near the Nurburgring, showing off its throaty exhaust noise

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We’re big fans of the M2 Competition. It’s the car the M2 should have been from the off, with the ‘S55’ engine transplant from the M4 adding the extra bit of spice the original car was missing.

The only trouble is, it’s a bit of a fatty. The base M2 it replaced is already a bulky thing, and with the addition of the twin-turbo straight-six engine plus a petrol particulate filter, the Competition weighs in at a positively porky 1625kg.

Thankfully, though, there is a lighter version on the way. BMW has been trimming the fat to create a lighter, more focused ‘M2 CS’.

BMW - Take An Up-Close Look At The Incoming BMW M2 CS - News

This video from Carspotter Jeroen - shot in the vicinity of the Nurburgring - gives us our best look yet at the car, showing the M2 CS with a different set of wheels to the M2 Comp, along with a boot spoiler similar to the one seen on both the CS M3 and M4. We can expect some chassis tweaks too.

It also sounds nice and throaty as it pulls away from the petrol station. Perhaps BMW has been fiddling with the exhaust too.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long before we find out exactly what’s been changed.