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Surely A 205bhp Infiniti Crossover Can't Be Faster Than A Porsche 928 On Track?

Motor Trend's comparison between Porsche's 30-year-old super GT and the Infiniti QX30S is the sort of sign of progress that'll make you want to lie down on the floor and cry. A lot

Remind me later

I’ll have to admit, the QX30S is the sort of car that doesn’t interest me in the least. So a review of such a car wouldn’t grab my attention either, but those clever chaps at Motor Trend gave their test a unique slant - they raced the car against a Porsche 928 S4.

The result isn’t a terribly comfortable one for petrolheads to watch. But hey, don’t be too down on the 928: chassis technology has come a long way in 30 years, and age won’t help the old V8 GT car much either.

Oh, and I’m sure almost all of us would rather own the Porsche…