Someone's Recreated Climbkhana On GTA V, And It's Amazingly Accurate

YouTuber GTA Wise Guy has put together a shot-for-shot remake of Ken Block's Climbkhana in GTA V

Remind me later

If you’re thinking this amazing GTA V Climbkhana remake must have been ridicously hard to pull off, you’d be right. Robin Williams - aka YouTuber GTA Wise Guy - told us that it took five days alone to recreate the car. He modified the ‘Drift Tampa’ using custom 3D modeling to sort the bonnet cutout, the turbochargers you can see spooling up, the flame-spitting exhaust and more.

What followed were several days of recording and editing using the Rockstar Editor, bringing the total time spent creating the video to around two weeks. Williams had originally started recreating Hoonicorn from scratch, before Rockstar released its own take on the car. “Rockstar beat me to it themselves and released the Drift Tampa which I was chuffed about until I found it couldn’t drift, let alone come anywhere near to what the Hoonicorn was capable of! But coupling the Drift Tampa with my own AWD Hoonicorn inspired handling mod was a tonne of fun to play around with.”

His efforts were worth it, as everything - from the buttock-clenching two wheels on the dirt on a cliff-edge moment to the helicopter donuts - is here. And as a bonus, we get to see Trevor steal the counterfeit Hoonicorn at the end…