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Someone Crashed Into The Same House Three Times With Two Different Cars

An extraordinarily high driver crashed into the same property in California three times using two different vehicles

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Image via California Highway Patrol Marin
Image via California Highway Patrol Marin

“This is a perfect example of why driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is so incredibly dangerous,” the Marin branch of the California Highway Patrol said in a recent Facebook post. Reading through the attached police report, it’s hard to argue.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, CHP Marin was called to a property in San Rafael, California, which had been driven into three times by the same man. In two different cars.

The first thing the massively impaired driver did was smash his Ford Mustang through the house’s fence - that’s strike one. Keen to get the stricken yellow ‘Stang back on the road and skedaddle, he instead shot forward and into the house itself. Strike two.

One of the people living in the house was awoken by the impact, and seeing the state of the driver, quickly took the keys away. Unfortunately, the Mustang driver then took a set of keys from the property to a Toyota Rav 4 in a bid to escape the scene, only to do the same thing again. He shot forward and into the house, next to where the ‘Stang had come to rest. Strike three.

The resident once more went for the keys, but was assaulted by man, who “began striking him repeatedly in the face causing major injuries,” CHP said. Despite this it seems the resident was successful - when deputies from Marin County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene, the vehicular home invader was still trying to drive away despite there being no keys in the car.

CHP officers soon followed, arresting the driver for driving under the influence, battery and theft of the vehicle “while other charges continue to be investigated,” the force said.

Source: CHP Marin via Jalopnik