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Sold! Jeremy Clarkson's XJR Picked Up For A Bargain

The Big Man's Big Cat goes for a bargain price.

Clarkson Jag Sold Jeremy Clarkson's former Jaguar XJR has been sold at auction, going under the hammer for a pretty reasonable £3,412. That is not bad for a 4.0 V8, let alone one previously owned by a motoring icon. This Jaguar was once Clarkson's daily ride and has amassed just 93,000 miles between its two former keepers - although no word on how many tyres were slain during them. It also boasts an impressive service history, so despite inevitable hoonery this Jag has been looked after properly. All this means the lucky new owner should have a lovely supercharged barge to roll about in, not to mention pub bragging rights about its famous former keeper.
This seat used to cushion motoring's most famous backside. This seat used to cushion motoring's most famous backside.
For a look over some of the other rather tasty wheels sold during the auction, check out Anglia Car Auctions, then watch CT give the low-down on Jag's latest offering.


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