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SEMA 2011: RMR Stuffs 5.0 Into Genesis Coupe

Remind me later

Finally.  This was bound to happen.  Hyundai sells two cars called Genesis - the sedan and the coupe.  And while they're somewhat related, they're more different than similar under the skin.  So while the sedate (albeit good-looking, well-equipped, and well-priced) Genesis sedan and the related Equus uberlux liner enjoy the silent thunder of Hyundai's 4.6L and 5.0L 32v Tau V8, the company line is that all that quad-cam V8 goodness just doesn't fit under the hood of the smaller coupe.

This is a bummer.  The Genesis goes up against cars like the Mustang, Camaro and Challenger - all of which offer gigantic V8's with north of 400bhp - and some north of 500bhp - as upper level options.  The Hyundai Genesis Coupe's 3.8L 24v V8 is pretty healthy, but lining up against a GT 5.0 at a stoplight is sure to end in tears.  Hyundai's solution for this is the Hurricane concept - a 3.8L with a Magnuson supercharger and air-to-water intercooler slapped on, for 450 horsepower.  That should be enough for a 0-60 somewhere in the 4's, and fair races with GT 5.0's, Challenger R/T's, and Camaro SS's.


But apparently with all this talk of the Tau just not fitting in the GenCoupe, no one actually tried to see if it would fit?  Because it appears that it does.  Ask RMR, or Rhys Millen Racing, who has been in the business of making stupid-fast Hyundais for a while now.

Yup, that sure looks like a 5.0L Tau V8 under the hood of a Genesis.  Called the RM500, the goal was to make it as smooth and OEM-looking as possible.  To that extent, the Tau V8 is largely stock - then again, when "largely stock" means 429 horsepower, that's ok.  One of the challenges with this swap is that no Tau V8 comes with a manual transmission attached, and as good as Hyundai's new 8-speed auto is, it would be a bit odd in a GenCoupe.  So RMR fabricated a bellhousing adapter to mate the V6's 6-speed manual to the 5.0L.  There's also a lightweight flywheel and upgraded clutch to deal with the extra power.

Being a show car, it's not rolling on stock wheels.  Silver HRE 793's (19", 8.5" front 9.5" rear) mount Hankook Ventus V12 tires (245/40 front, 275/35 rear), covering upgraded Brembo ceramic brakes - 15.5" 6-piston front, 15" 4-piston in back.  They didn't bother to slam the hell out of it, because it's already a GenCoupe with a Tau V8.  Other modifications include a custom RMR Stainless dual exhaust with GReddy SE Titanium rear box, a differential cooler, and an oil cooler.  Along with an AEM tune, the 5.0 now kicks out 449 horsepower.

The body isn't extreme either.  A full RMR carbon-fiber bodykit blends in well with the black paint, and includes front and rear valences, side skirts, a spoiler, grill, and yellow fog lights with brake ducts.  Inside there's an RMR suede package, Sparco Chrono Trip seats on RMR tracks, an RMR steering rack extension, and a leather shift knob.

Now that we know it's possible, I'm anxiously awaiting the first time I see a Tau-swapped GenCoupe at a drift event.  With a big twin-screw blower sticking out of the hood.  Get it done, aftermarket!