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Say Hello To Holland's New Corvette V8-Powered Supercar

Amidst windmills and fields of tulips appears this angular, mid-engined supercar

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vencersarthe2 This is the Vencer Sarthe, a mid-engined supercar straight out of Holland. Powering its rear wheels is a 510bhp/650lb ft Corvette V8 unit; so far, so supercar, but we've seen enough of these startups to be a little sceptical. So why should we pay attention this time? Because we want to give Vencer the benefit of the doubt as it's making all the right noises ahead of the car's UK launch later this year. The Sarthe will be a low volume and handmade car that features a hybrid space-frame with carbon body panels - this helps keep weight down to 1390kg. vencersarthe1 The press release confidently asserts that the engine is 'directly bolted' onto the gearbox, which will probably help it work a lot more efficiently than those unbolted engines, while the 'efficient climate control' sounds vastly superior to those inefficient climate control systems you always hear about. The car also features ABS and EBD "to properly support the driver in difficult and unsafe situations", which is nice. Whether these 'difficult situations' include your girlfriend complaining about ride quality remains to be seen. vencersarthe The Sarthe is also blessed with such luxuries as electric windows, a radio and an alarm, so it instantly sits above a Dacia Sandero in the options list. The Vencer Sarthe will make its UK debut at Salon Privé in September, with prices available on request. If you have to ask, you can't afford it.