This 8.9-Second Beetle Convertible Is The Coolest Dragster In The World

Richie Webb's cabriolet Beetle is a wheelie-popping dragster that redefines 'cool'

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The Volkswagen Beetle has a colourful history. After being commissioned by Hitler, it escaped the clutches of evil and was embraced by the hippy community. Decades of ferrying flower power across the world has given the Bug a friendly image.

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That is until Richie Webb got hold of one. His classic cabriolet Bug will smash the quarter mile at Santa Pod in 8.9 seconds at 150mph.

Engine and performance details of this monumentally cool dragster are surprisingly thin on the ground, but judging by its Santa Pod time, an educated guess would put this car's power at around 700bhp. The Beetle is also believed to run a 2.3-litre engine with turbos.

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From the front it looks fairly standard, until you see its profile. Stretched out with a wheelie bar on the back, you suddenly appreciate what this monster is probably packing. And yes, that is a parachute on the back.

Hit play to see this Bug pop a wheelie and catapult to the finish.

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Remote video URL


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