Tony Pimpo 12 years ago

Sad: Devon Motor Works Closes

Remind me later
Another small operation starts, only to close. With Devon Motor Works though, it isn't because the company ran out of cash. Back in the dark days of summer 2008, with Chrysler heading toward bankruptcy, Devon Motor Works made an offer for Viper while Chrysler was attempting to sell it. Being a lowball offer of only $5.5 million, Chrysler rejected. Apparently there was more to the whole thing than it first appeared. Chrysler recently announced that the current Viper will be ending production in 2010, with a new model to come in 2012. This has thrown a wrench into Devon's plans. Beyond sharing the same V10, the sharing goes deeper than that, to include the chassis and other components. Given that, all the work Devon has done to produce the GTX can't be carried over. Thus, this ends the short saga that was Devon Motor Works. Along the way, the company produced an interesting design as well as setting a Laguna Seca track record (that, ironically, beat the Viper's record and was recently beaten again by a Viper). The company's flagship store in Beverly Hills is still going to open, where a line of apparel that includes Devon  jeans, leather jackets, watches, scents, and eyewear will be sold. In addition, a motorcycle project is in the works.