Alex Kersten 8 years ago 0

Proof That A Shelby Mustang GT500 Shooting Brake Would Look Phenomenal

Shooting Brakes are big business these days. But a GT500 version? That's a new one on us...

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Here's what a GT500 shooting brake could look like. Drool... Here's what a GT500 shooting brake could look like. Drool...
It's fair to assume that a lot of us car guys and girls have a thing for shooting brakes. Ferrari FF? Yup, we've all got time for that. GT86 SB? When we rendered one, the world fell in love. Today, we were pointed in the direction of this Shelby Mustang GT500 shooting brake rendering, which got us excited all over again. As you can see, a GT500 SB would look pretty phenomenal; aggressive, distinctive and practical. And because this is the Shelby version, its 5.8-litre, 662hp V8 would likely allow the shooting brake to retain similar, if not exacting performance figures with its coupe counterpart: 0-60mph: 3.5sec, 202mph top speed and 11.8sec standing quarter-mile at 125mph. Nice. Question is, what do you guys think of the GT500 Shooting Brake idea? While you're deciding, here's a video of a standard coupe doing a rather good job at showing the Nurburgring that yes, muscle cars can take corners. Video