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Potential Decapitation Is Why You Shouldn’t Tail An Unsecured Load

These shocking pictures show what could happen if you’re following an unsecured load on the back of a truck and something breaks free

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To address the obvious question these terrifying images present, no, no one was hurt. On the other hand, this sheet of plywood was turned into a potentially deadly ninja star when it fell away from the truck carrying it.

As it flew through the air a corner pierced this unfortunate Honda’s windscreen like a hot poker through butter, ramming all the way through until the diagonally angled sheet jammed against the A-pillars.

Brevard County Fire Rescue
Brevard County Fire Rescue

We shouldn’t need to tell you that this could have delivered sickening and most certainly fatal injuries to anyone in a front seat. Miraculously, though, the driver managed to dodge any harm and even refused the police’s offer of onward transport.

If you’re carrying anything on or in an open load bay, make damn sure it’s secured properly. If you’re driving behind a load and you can’t see how it’s secured, back off before something terrible happens.